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We deliver bespoke solutions for your business.

We specialise in assisting employers across Australia navigate the complex employee relations system by providing commercial and innovative solutions. We gain a deep understanding of your business’s strategic objectives so that solutions are tailored to deliver those objectives.

Services provided include expert advice on all employment issues, enterprise agreements, dispute resolution, workplace investigations, project/tender support and outsourced employee relations.

Director Zev Costi's proven track record of delivering exceptional results in a variety of areas, including the negotiation of enterprise agreements achieving significant productivity improvements, project management of outsourcing to improve cost of operations, representation in the Fair Work Commission and conducting large workplace investigations to reduce risk, ensures your business is in capable hands

Service Delivery Model

Our service delivery model is designed to provide tailored, agile and cost effective support to employers across Australia. We combine the use of technology, working from client’s premises and a low overhead structure to ensure that employers are provided with fast and flexible expert support.



Zev Costi

Zev's broad legal and commercial experience in the defence, transport, logistics, financial, construction, resources, emergency services, hospitality and facilities maintenance industries allows him to provide bespoke and expert assistance to employers from all backgrounds.



Advisory Services

Effective management of employee relations issues is complex with multiple layers of legislation. We combine legal and commercial experience to deliver accurate and practical solutions through either external or imbedded support.

We can advise and support on the full life cycle of employee relations issues including employment contracts, independent contractor agreements, employee entitlements, managing union relationships, performance management, and restructuring.

Projects and tender support

Successful projects and tenders require innovative workforce strategies to ensure they are productive and profitable.

We use our wide industry and commercial experience to help organisations develop and deliver innovative workforce strategies to position them for successful projects/tenders.

Workplace Investigations

Investigating and resolving workplace issues quickly and effectively is important to ensure the safety of your employees and to reduce risk to your business from being held liable for your employee actions.

We conduct and advise on impartial workplace investigations to ensure that your business resolves workplace issues without disputation and with low risk. We also work with organisations to identify systematic issues causing workplace issues and implement training programs to mitigate them.


Employee relations projects and activities often don’t deliver the anticipated value due to a gap in internal experience or a lack of resources. 

We provide employee relations services on an outsourced basis where we lead and manage your employee relations project or activity to deliver their full potential and value. Our approach is to work with in house human resources teams and leaders to build capability.  Services include restructuring, performance management, outsourcing/insourcing, training and contractor evaluation.


Ensuring that your enterprise agreement is cost competitive, flexible and supports productivity is essential to deliver the strategic objectives of your business.

We provide specialised support to plan, negotiate and implement enterprise agreement with a focus on innovation. Our approach combines identifying opportunities using financial data, strong employee communication underpinned by technology and deep industry experience to deliver successful results.


The breakdown of an employment relationship or a workplace issue leading to a dispute is stressful and exposes risk to organisations. 

We provide representation and assistance with matters before the Fair Work Commission and other tribunals to assist you in resolving the matter efficiently. We work with a number of top tier law firms for highly complex matters.


There are three solutions to every problem: accept it, change it or leave it. If you can’t accept it, change it.
— Zev Costi


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